BREAKING: Mysterious Monolith Appears on Dexter Campus

Published by Hope Chen on
Less than two weeks after a mysterious monolith appeared - and disappeared - from the Utah desert, a similar monolith was reportedly seen in Piatra Neamt, a city halfway across the world in Romania. However, the monolith that was first seen in Romania only days ago has now also vanished. <... Read More

Dexter 2021

Published by Dexter HQ on
The following is an internal document shared with our staff. It's our 50,000 ft. view of 2021. Core Focus: Student Success and Parent ExperienceStudent success and parent experience is our number one priority. Do our students feel supported and... Read More

6 Tips to Make Shakespeare Fun and Engaging

Published by Ryan Dawson on
Reading Shakespeare can be intimidating even for adults. Instead of appreciating the depth and elegance of his language, many shy away because it seems too difficult. So how can we skillfully guide students through this most challenging literature? Here are 6 tips to make Shakespeare fun and enga... Read More