A Day with Dexter — A Parent’s Perspective

Published by Jen Bradley on
On a typical Tuesday morning in mid-July, I looked through my patio window to see my oldest son laughing on our outdoor sofa.He’s everything a growing fourteen-year-old boy typically is: hungry all the time, generally impatient with his younger siblings, needs new shoes every month,... Read More

Dexter is an Accredited K-12 School

Published by Dexter HQ on
The Dexter team is proud to announce that our K-12 school is now accredited by Cognia, a non-profit organization that accredits primary and secondary schools throughout the United States and internationally.What is Accreditation?School accreditation is the go... Read More

Nerd School

Published by Dexter HQ on
Dexter is the school for nerds. Our students, called Dexterites, do things like build their own VR games, program password crackers in Scratch, draw scenes from Shakespeare, write creative stories, start their own businesses, and design moon bases in their spare time. At Dexter, you... Read More

Ultimate Guide to Distance Learning for K-12 Students

Published by Hope Chen on
What is Distance Learning?Distance learning occurs when students attend school without physically being in the classroom. It usually takes place in the form of online classes, video recordings, or video conferencing.Benefits of Distance Learning fo... Read More